udr2UnderDaRock Inc was founded in August as a conduit to connect all facets of the entertainment industry with an emphasis on connecting the talents of African artists to the rest of the world, primarily North America and Europe.

UnderDaRock was introduced to the world as a content driven website and quickly became renowned worldwide as the only one-stop-shop for visitors, (whether in the industry or just wanting to know what’s going on), to be informed about the latest entertainment events, whether that be via be photographic coverage of parties, flyers of upcoming events, artists interviews, new music uploads, film debuts, etc.

As the following of UnderDaRock the website increased, and the name became synonymous with quality content, (covering major African non African and non African events in the US, interviewing well known artists, breaking new artist, providing news bites that interested our audience), we naturally progressed into broader arenas of the entertainment industry by both our own innovation and partnership requests that we sought after by other media/entertainment groups who now want to work with UnderDaRock.

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